Want to pay more $ for Beer in Washington?


Follow these three simple steps to inform our elected officals that we disapprove of the proposed tax hike on beer in Washington State.  At this point, they are proposing to tax Macro-Breweries…no big deal, right?  Wrong!! It will just be a matter of time before our Craft Breweries that we love so dearly get taxed too!    

So follow these three simple steps:   
1. Read this –  



2. Copy the letter below:  

To my representatives in Olympia,   

I was saddened and dismayed to learn that the Senate included a beer specific tax to help raise revenue in the Senate Revenue proposal.   

Even though it provides an exemption for the small breweries (thank you) we still oppose this legislation as it does not address the root issue of beer being singled out as a “sin” tax. This proposal practically doubles the tax burden. It raises the tax from $8.08 to $15.50 per barrel. That is a significant hit to any industry. This situation creates a dangerous precedent. If we roll over on this and don’t oppose it or stay neutral, then it will only be that much easier for legislators to choose beer as an easy target whenever they need to raise a little extra revenue. It is also interesting to note that only beer is mentioned. If beer was targeted because it contains alcohol, why were wine and spirits excluded? Why single out a specific industry and one of the only industries adding jobs in the state?   

Why beer? Why does the brewing industry get unfairly sought after to raise money to fill government coffers. Alcohol companies already pay more taxes than most other goods manufacturing industry in the country. Currently in Washington D.C. the house and senate have bills to LOWER excise taxes on beer to stimulate our industry and our related industries! It is concerning that the opposite, adversarial approach is threatened in our home state the state which grows 75% of the country’s hops!   

Beer has taken its fair share of the punches over the last few years with DRAMATIC cost of goods increases. There is only so far that we can be pushed before breweries start going out of business from restricted profit margins. If the other alcohol industries gain a larger price advantage, then more consumers will choose the affordable option instead of the quality choice.
We promote microbrew as a sustainable, local option and are actively trying to change beer’s reputation to a beverage to be paired with food that is intensely full of flavor and body.

A well known blogger in our industry, Jay Brooks from California had a nicely written piece on his blog the other day concerning beer tax proposals in California. Much of what is discussed concerning California is true of Washington. I think you and your colleagues may be interested. The link is here:   

<http://brookstonbeerbulletin. com/marin- institue-wagging-their-finger-at-brewers-again/>  

Please do not support the beer tax and please encourage your fellow legislators to also not support a tax on beer. A tax only hurts our growing craft beer industry.  

Thank you for your time and consideration. 


3. Click on the link below enter your address to find your district, click on the senator’s name, then click on the e-mail link under the office information, re-enter your address, then paste the letter into the Email of the Senator…remember to cc the other 2 reps too, 3 ears one email.  









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