Welcome to Bumpcitybrews!! I am an avid homebrewer from the Northwest , a craft beer lover, beer advocate, and self-proclaimed beer critic.  First and foremost, homebrewing is a passion of mine as I am constantly striving to improve my brews, my technique, and my knowledge of the hobby.  I support any and all local Craft Brewers and my wife, Cristina and I are both active and enthusiastic WABL members (Washington Beer Lovers).  I support local Micro-Brewers and spread the word about legislature that is being proposed that might hinder their growth or business in general (ie. Beer Tax).  As for being a critic of beer, this is new for me as I try to use my creative writing skills to share with readers what my palate is lucky enough to experience from different craft beers.  All in all, I hope anyone who reads this blog seeks out new and exciting craft beers for yourself.  Happy Drinking Trails – Bumpcitybrews.


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